Dan Bongino says ‘failed communist mayor’ Bill de Blasio is putting cops in danger

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting police officers in danger with his far-left policies, according to Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, who appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday and accused the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate of creating an “anti-cop” environment to bolster his own political career.

Bongino, who was an NYPD cop before joining the Secret Service, where he guarded presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, was responding to a story of three NYPD officers who were attacked by city residents on Friday and claimed the mayor’s office has been the catalyst for an atmosphere of division.

“These stories make me sick,” he said. “This disgusting, gross, unforgivable anti-cop atmosphere permeating down from the top of New York City is a danger to every cop out there. And what’s even worse about it is the failed communist mayor of New York, de Blasio, he understands [it]. This is not a dumb guy.”

*story by Fox News