Tucker Carlson: Democrats Hypocritical on Gun Violence Because They Support Physician Assisted Suicide

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made the wild argument that Democrats are hypocritical on the issue of gun violence due to some liberal support for legalizing physician assisted suicide.

Carlson made the comment while debating a gun control activist on Tuesday night — a segment he started by playing clips of various Democrats calling for long rifle bans, confiscations, and buy backs.

“If we had less access to guns and less access to ammunition, the suicides would plummet and gun deaths … would decrease. 93 people are killed every single day by guns,” noted Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman.

“Are you against suicide now?” Carlson shot back. “I thought the left supported suicide. Last time I checked, the state of Maine for example, the left has made physician assisted suicide legal. The left pushed that, I’m opposed to it. So are you for or against suicide? I’m kind of losing track.”

After his guest noted that he does not, in fact, generally support suicide but does believe in some legal exceptions between a “doctor and patient,” the Fox News host replied, “Okay, I get it, you’re going to take my guns away because of suicide but meanwhile you are making suicide legal … The B.S. is just too much.”

Earlier in the segment, Carlson argued that Democratic 2020 candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden are calling for a “civil war.”

“What you are calling for is an incitement to violence,” Carlson said, referencing the gun control measures championed by the presidential hopefuls. “It’s something I wouldn’t want to live here when that happened, would you? I’m serious.”

Andrew Lawrence@ndrew_lawrence

Tucker Carlson says a gun buyback will lead to Civil War

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