Fox News Host Accuses James Mattis of ‘Selling Out America’ for Getting Job With D.C. Firm

Fox News host Steve Hilton went after former Defense Secretary James Mattisfor getting a job with an advisory firm founded by a former Bill Clinton official, accusing Mattis of “selling out America.”

Hilton noted on The Next RevolutionSunday night that Mattis was joining The Cohen Group, which describes itself as a global business advisory group that provides “practical assistance in business development, market entry, regulatory affairs and deal sourcing.”

“Also known as lobbying,” Hilton argued. The group is based in Washington D.C. and was founded by former Clinton Defense Secretary William Cohen.

It was previously reported by Politicothat Mattis was joining the group as a senior counselor next month.

“General Mattis is now taking his years of taxpayer-funded government service to a firm that boasts about shipping defense manufacturing jobs overseas, selling American defense companies to the French and German and lobbying state and local government in this country to use your tax dollars not to buy American but to buy Indian,” Hilton said.

“What the hell is Mattis doing? Going from defending America to selling out America,” he said.

Hilton then conceded the group also does a lot of work in the United States.

“It’s only fair to note the Cohen Group does also talk about helping American companies,” Hilton said. “I guess it’s possible General Mattis has insisted on a clause in his contract the limits them to such work.”

Hilton then went on to scold Mattis again, saying “it’s shameful for him to have anything to do with this swampy firm that shows no loyalty to the country that put it where it is.”

*story by Fox News