Fox News Contributor: If Beto O’Rourke Can’t Take My Girl, How Will He ‘Take My Guns?’

Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jones shot back at Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke’s call for a total ban on AR-style rifles by insisting the former Texas lawmaker can’t “take my guns” or “take my girl.”

Jones made the comments during a Friday appearance on Fox & Friends, during which he responded to O’Rourke’s proposal to ban semi-automatic long-rifles at ABC’s Democratic primary debate in Houston on Thursday night.

“Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, take your AK-47,” the presidential hopeful said.

Jones responded to the gun control calls by saying, “No, you won’t, Beto. No, you won’t. You couldn’t take my girl and you haven’t earned my respect. How are you going to take my guns?”

The right-wing pundit went on to argue that the real “epidemic” in the U.S. “is that young people aren’t respecting life and death. They are taking their own life. That’s the true epidemic is suicide.”

“There isn’t a piece of legislation in Washington, D.C. could pass that would take the guns used in places like Chicago off the streets because they are already owned and used illegally,” he opined. “This is a red herring. It’s an emotional talking point the Democrats are using and to an extent, it’s working.”

Jones continued by suggesting universal background checks are “essentially what’s happening today,” even though such checks are not required for private firearm sales. The shooter who recently took seven lives during an attack in West Texas obtained his semi-automatic rifle via a private arms sale and was not background checked.

“By all means let’s pass legislation that’s tremendously more burdensome and that much harder to enforce,” Jones added.

*story by Mediaite