Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Conservative Media is ‘Basically Saving This Country’ By Fact-Checking Dems and the Press

Fox News’ Jesse Watters tonight credited conservative media outlets for “basically saving the country” fact-checking Democrats and reports in other news outlets, referring in part to the blowback the New York Times has gotten over the Brett Kavanaugh story first posted this past weekend.

The hosts were discussing a recent debunking published in Reason of a study on an alleged rise in hate crimes in places that hosted Trump rallies .

Greg Gutfeld went off on media outlets that shared the study, and Watters said of the researchers behind the study, “Professors aren’t really that smart. We hold them in this high esteem, and yeah, some of them are doing groundbreaking work… in this case, they’re not even that book-smart.”

He also called it an example of how easy it is for fake news to spread, before asking, “How many junk science studies have they done on global warming, on guns, on Russia? Think about all the other fake things that have gotten mainstream that a simple fact-check proves them wrong.”

Watters added, “Conservative media is basically saving this country. They are doing God’s work. They are fact-checking the New York Times, CNN. They’re constantly poking holes. It’s exhausting. I think 75 percent of conservative media — all they’re doing is rebutting the lies told by Democrats and the mainstream media.”

*story by Mediaite