College tries to shut down Dave Rubin event after Antifa threats, but he refuses to back down

YouTube personality Dave Rubin said that Mohawk College is attempting to shut down his speaking event over Antifa threats and demands from a liberal “anti-hate” group, but he is refusing to back down.

Rubin decried the actions taken by the college in a tweet published Wednesday.

“It appears that my event with [People’s Party of Canada leader] @MaximeBernier on September 29th has been cancelled due to threats from Antifa and this insane piece in the local paper,” he tweeted, with a link to an article demanding the school shut down the event.

It appears that my event with @MaximeBernier on September 29th has been cancelled due to threats from Antifa and th…

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) 1569465736.0

“The school is now demanding 10 times the original security costs and could demand more before showtime,” Rubin added.

Rubin went on to challenge Evan Balgord, the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, over his characterization of Rubin as a “far-right” commentator tied to the neo-Nazi movement.

“Hi @ebalgord, can you point out my far right cred?” Rubin asked in a second tweet. “Or how I’ve led anyone to the neo-Nazi movement? I lost family in the Holocaust and grew up around survivors you sniveling, pathetic, weasel of a human…”

The tactic of demanding a prohibitive security deposit as a way to passively cancel controversial speaking events has been used by schools and universities to avoid public outrage.

Rubin indicated that he would not allow the increased security fee to deter him from his event at Mohawk College.

“I have just offered to cover the 10x security fee myself,” he tweeted.

Rubin announced on September 3 that he would be bringing his show to the BlazeTV platform. Tickets are still available for the event at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada.

*story by The Blaze