5 Robbers Break Into Gun Owner’s Home – And Find Themselves Staring Down Barrel of His Pistol

Five would-be robbers were caught on camera invading a man’s home – and then promptly scrambling away after the homeowner drew a firearm and shot at them.

The incident took place Friday in the Brazilian city of Sumare in Sao Paulo, GloboNews reported.

Surveillance footage shows the masked suspects pulling into a garage and proceeding into the house. Some of the men appear to have guns.

According to GloboNews, the homeowner spotted the assailants on a monitor and told his housekeeper to hide before retrieving a pistol.

The CCTV video shows the unsuspecting home invaders attempting to make their way upstairs before suddenly turning tail and fleeing.

One of the men falls into an arm chair as he’s trying to escape.

An alternate camera angle shows the home owner entering a room and returning with a handgun, which he uses to fire off a few rounds in the direction of the assailants.

The end of the video shows the suspects fleeing under the garage door, leaving the car they came in behind.

According to GloboNews, police identified one of the suspects, who dropped a wallet with his ID and a cell phone in his garage.

The vehicle used in the attempted robbery was stolen, GloboNews reported.

Police said the gun owner was legally permitted to carry.

*story by Pluralist