New Jersey school district proposes banning students with lunch debt from field trips, prom

A New Jersey school district approved a policy earlier in the week that will bar students with lunch debt from attending activities such as prom.

The Cherry Hill school district, located just outside Philadelphia, passed the new rule Tuesday night at a school board meeting.

Under the policy, students with a negative balance will be able to get a hot meal, but not a la carte items. The if debt goes over $75, high school students will be prohibited from going to school dances including prom until the debt is fully repaid.

The rule will be enforced at the principals’ discretion, but also allows middle and high school students to be banned from extracurricular activities and going on field trips until the balance is paid off.

In August, the Cherry Hill school district also came under fire when it proposed giving only tuna sandwiches to students who owed more than $10 and refusing to serve kids who had a balance of more than $20.

*story by The Hill