Los Angeles sanctuary policy releases 100 criminals a day: ICE

California’s sanctuary city policies are causing as many as 100 illegal immigrants with criminal records to be released out into the communities every day in the Los Angeles area alone, a top ICE official told Congress on Tuesday.

Timothy S. Robbins, acting executive associate director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said that’s just one city in a state where sanctuary policies are now a law state wide.

He said before the law took effect in 2018 the Los Angeles area turned over 75 to 100 criminal aliens each day. Now, he said ICE gets fewer than five.

“All things being equal, there are 70 to 100 criminal aliens hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. That is one city within the United States. This is a significant problem that has been overlooked for too long,” he said

His comments came during a hearing in the Senate, called to examine the dangers of the growing sanctuary movement.

Republicans have vowed to move legislation to crack down on sanctuaries.

Sen. Thom Tillis, is proposing a bill that would still allow sanctuary cities to refuse cooperation, as many of them want to do, but would then make them liable to a civil lawsuit from anyone who was victimized by a migrant released under a sanctuary policy.

*story by Washington Times