California Gov ‘Resists’ Trump – By Signing Law That Lets Illegals Serve on Government Boards

California will allow illegal immigrants to serve on government boards and commissions thanks to a push by Democrats in the state legislature.

Government boards are generally managing, regulatory or advisory bodies aimed at administrating local decisions and services.

Gavin Newsom, the Golden State’s Democratic governor, signed some of the bills into law earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times reported.

A press release issued by Newsom’s office said the bills were aimed at helping to “foster a more inclusive state.”

“Our state doesn’t succeed in spite of our diversity — our state succeeds because of it,” Newsom said in a written statement.

The efforts by Newsom and other California lawmakers stand in stark contrast to the hardline immigration policies favored by President Donald Trump and his administration.

“While Trump attacks and disparages immigrants, California is working to ensure that every resident — regardless of immigration status — is given respect and the opportunity to contribute,” Newsom said.

Newsom’s office touted the progressive governor’s resistance to Trump’s “hateful rhetoric and actions” in the press release.

“Throughout his nine months in office, the Governor has repeatedly stood up against President Trump’s hateful rhetoric and actions targeting migrants and the immigration system,” the press release said.

Also included in the legislative package Newsom signed off on are expansions of California’s college student loan program for Dreamers, immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.

Another law will, with some exceptions, proscribe the use of noncriminal information from the state’s telecommunications database for immigration enforcement purposes.

*story by Pluralist