Stanford mob reportedly blocks conservative students from hanging Ben Shapiro speech posters, tells them to ‘suck a d**k’ instead

Leftist students reportedly followed conservative students from dorm to dorm

A mob of Stanford University students reportedly blocked their conservative peers from entering a dorm to hang posters advertising an upcoming Ben Shapiro speech and were told to “suck a d**k” instead, Young America’s Foundation reported.

The outlet also said leftist students followed the conservative students to another dorm, prevented them from entering it to hang posters, and shouted obscenities at them.

What are the details?

YAF is sponsoring the Nov. 7 event as part of the Fred Allen Lecture Series, and its members went around campus recently to hang posters advertising the upcoming appearance by Shapiro, a conservative commentator and editor in chief of The Daily Wire.

But a number of the posters — titled “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” — were vandalized, removed, or replaced with messages from resident advisers, YAF said.


“We, the Nordelfa staff, care about you, your feelings, your physical and emotional health,” the note reads. “You matter and are welcome her in this space. We welcome and center the voices that some may wish to specifically marginalize and target, in that way we support black people, people of color, non-binary folks, LGBTQIA folks, Muslims, and Jews.”

Inconveniently, Shapiro is Jewish. Oh, well.

The note adds, “Thank you for being you, you are a star, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.”

Mob rules

The YAF students also tried to enter Hispanic-focused dorm Casa Zapata to hang their posters — but a screaming mob blocked them from entering and hurled expletives at the conservative group members, the organization reported.

“A jeering mob assembled to block us from entering the dorm,” Stephen Sills, president of the conservative group, told YAF. “We were turned away from the door exclusively because we were postering for the Ben Shapiro lecture. When I asked to see if there was a way I could speak to the resident fellow of the dorm, I was told by one of the residents to go ‘suck a d**k.'”

Sills added to YAF that after leaving and heading over to another dorm to poster, a group of eight students followed them and “shouted obscenities” and were “heckling us and keeping us from entering the other dorms. Never before have I ever feared as much for my safety on campus as I did then.”

And despite going to nearly every dorm to hang Shapiro posters, the conservative students were accused of targeting Casa Zapata because it was an ethnic-themed dorm, YAF reported. Still, leftists discussed potential disciplinary action against the group at a meeting with Provost Persis Drell, YAF added.

“It is shameful that the same mob of people who used mob-like tactics to target conservatives would then turn around and accuse us of deliberately targeting the dorm,” Sills noted to YAF. “As a Hispanic-American conservative, I find it disgraceful that a minority of students within the residency were willing to engage in censorious behavior to prevent other students from hearing conservative ideas. I also think that it is extremely important to point out that all of this intense triggering was caused by an 8.5 × 11 inch sheet of paper, for a completely optional event students could choose to attend or otherwise completely ignore.”

Stanford University on Tuesday didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for comment on the YAF report.

Oh, per usual the Shapiro event is sold out.

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