Stacey Abrams defends gun control stance after ‘The View’ co-host Meghan McCain comes for her

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams wants to set the record straight. She’s not against the 2nd Amendment; she believes in responsible gun ownership and supports regulation of firearms.

According to ABC News, Abrams worked to clear up any misconceptions about her position on guns when she appeared on “The View” earlier this week. Co-host Meghan McCain asked the candidate a series of questions about firearms, including banning the AR-15, a popular assault rifle used in many mass killings.

“I’m not anti-gun,” Abrams said. “My great-grandmother taught me how to shoot when I was growing up in Mississippi. … I don’t hunt because I mostly eat chicken, and that seems mean.”

McCain asked whether Abrams would support an AR-15 ban, noting that the weapon is the “most popular rifle in America.”

“Most responsible gun owners understand that they have the responsibility for the firearms and making sure that only responsible people have those firearms,” Abrams said. “That’s why I believe in a background check. I believe in a three-day waiting period. I believe that those who commit domestic violence and stalking should not have access to weapons. I do not believe that weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15 belong in civilian hands.”

Abrams even cited conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia noting, “It is possible to believe in responsible gun ownership and to believe that there should be regulations on that.”

*story by Atlanta Daily World