Gun Dealers Speak On Permitless Carry Law At Tulsa Gun Show

The world’s largest gun show came to a close in Tulsa Sunday as some dealers spoke out about the new permitless carry law and how it is affecting business.

Some of the dealers News On 6 spoke with said they believe the new law has definitely helped bring more people into the gun show, which dealers hope will translate into sales.

Antique Arms dealer O.C. Young has been doing business at the Wanenmacher Gun Show for years.

“It’s a great economic and cultural diversity,” said Young.

There are more than 4,000 tables that line the floors inside the Expo Center. He said tens of thousands of people walk through the front doors.

“Accessories, accoutrements, modern guns, rifles, shotguns, hunting it’s all here you just have to have the physical stamina to get around this 12-acre building,” said Young.

And with the new permitless carry law that went into effect just days ago, some dealers like Young said he sees more people showing up.

He believes the new law has removed the stigma associated with buying and carrying a gun.

“Now they realize if they can legally buy the gun, once they are checked and nixed through the whole thing, that they are legal customers. That there are no problems, we are not selling to anybody that shouldn’t have one,” said Young.

Ross Compston who works for Medlock Firearms said he has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people interested in buying guns at the Collinsville store.

“I’ve been seeing tons of new shooters coming in ever since November 1, looking for holsters, looking for training,” said Compston.

He said while he believes the stigma is not yet gone, more people are seeking out information about carrying and shooting.

If you buy a gun and do not have any experience, dealers said training is still a great way to make sure you are safe handling one.

*story by News on 6