WWII Vet Explodes on Activists Protesting Trump During Veterans Day Parade: ‘Give Me a F***ing Gun’

A viral video shows a World War II veteran clashing with protesters of President Donald Trump during a Veterans Day parade in New York City.

The footage was shot by journalists from SCOOTERCASTER and shared widely on Twitter, including by Donald Trump Jr.

Protesters are seen holding signs that read “Fascist in Chief” and “Impeach and Remove.”

The clip shows the unnamed veteran already engaged in a contentious discussion with the protesters, one of whom claims to also be a veteran.

“Are you enjoying this country?” the man is heard asking as the protesters fire back heatedly.

When a cameraman urged the veteran to let the protesters “have their say,” the veteran erupted.

“Give me a f—ing gun. I’ll shoot these son of a b—–s,” he is heard saying.

“I fought for the freedom you guys enjoy,” he added.

At another point in the video, the veteran challenges a man holding an anti-Trump sign.

“You want to take me on?” he said.

During an impromptu interview with SCOOTERCASTER, the veteran explained what had triggered his outburst.

“If I had a gun here now, I’d wipe them all out,” the man said.

“I come over here to enjoy Veterans Day and look at what I got,” he added, gesturing to a mass of anti-Trump protesters. “I fought for the freedom that they’re enjoying.”

According to the man, he served in the Pacific during WWII.

Gun control activist Shannon Watts slammed the president’s son for sharing the clip.

Shannon Watts


Donald Trump Jr just retweeted this video in which a veteran threatens protestors, saying, “Give me a fucking gun. I’ll shoot these son of a bitches.” And, “If I had a gun here now, I’d wipe them all out.”

Shannon Watts


The President and his family continue to encourage and even endorse violence – particularly gun violence – among Americans.

Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, accused the Trump family of endorsing “gun violence.”

*story by Pluralist