‘No, my children went to public schools’: Warren accused of lying about her children’s education

Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a voter that her children attended public schools despite reporting that claims otherwise.

The 2020 Democrat was confronted by a woman after her Atlanta, Georgia, campaign rally Thursday night who was concerned about school choice. The woman, identified as Sarah Carpenter, referenced reports that Warren’s children attended private schools.

In footage obtained by the Reason Foundation’s director of school choice and adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, Corey DeAngelis, the woman told Warren, “We want the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private school.”

Warren denied the reports, saying, “No, my children went to public schools.”

Carpenter responded, “Even if it was public school, it probably was the best public school.” She noted that most people cannot afford to live in high-performing public school districts.

“Holy shit. I have Warren on video lying about where she sent her kids to school,” DeAngelis claimed while sharing the video of her interaction with Carpenter on Twitter.

The senator’s statement does not match reporting from DeAngelis in the New York Post, which claims Warren’s son, Alex Warren, appears to have attended Kirby Hall School, a private school in Texas near the University of Texas, where Warren was teaching at the time.

The current tuition at Kirby High School is nearly $18,000, and students are taught in classrooms with a student-teacher ratio of 5 to 1, which is one-third as many students per teacher as the average in public schools. It is not clear what the cost of tuition would have been in the late 1980s when her son was enrolled.

Her daughter, Amelia, however, appeared in a 1987 yearbook from Anderson High School, a public school ranked as one of the best in the country per U.S. News and World Report.

Warren, 70, has denied that she supported private school vouchers and has said that past arguments she has made about school choice only applied to public schools.

The interaction with Carpenter was not the only confrontation Warren experienced during her Atlanta rally, as school choice protesters also attempted to disrupt her event with shouts of, “Our children, our choice!” Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley calmed the crowd by saying, “No one is here to quiet you.”

*story by The Washington Examiner