Talk of the County: Democrats need to stop listening to ‘left-wing drivel’ and ‘actually learn something’ from Fox News

Dear “Fact-free bubble” entry: I have news for you. The bubble is on the Democrats’ side. Republicans have to listen to the drivel of ABC, NBC, CBS, CSNBC and whatever. We listen to National Public Radio. We listen to the regular stations on the radio, and it’s all left-wing drivel. All the truth that’s withheld doesn’t meet their narrative. So you only get what they want you to hear every day on the news. If it doesn’t agree with their narrative, they do not report it. But you have your head buried in the sand so far that you don’t realize it. Because, unlike conservatives who listen to all the Democratic drivel every day, all day on all the major TV networks, you don’t listen to Fox News, which is semi-conservative, and you don’t listen to conservative talk radio where you might actually learn something. On conservative talk radio, they tell you what the Democrats are not reporting. They tell you what the narrative is being put out and what is not being put out.

Here’s a crazy thought: Instead of Congressman Jim Jordan asking anyone questions, shouldn’t he be answering questions about his involvement in the Ohio State University wrestling scandal?

I live on Wisconsin Avenue, in the 2nd Ward. Where are city officials, code enforcement, the streets and sanitation. And number one, where is our alderman? I’ve lived on this street for 30 years, our street’s never been resurfaced. I kept calling to get the street patched. When the leaves were picked up, they basically left most of the leaves. And the streets when it was plowed they barely ever scratched the surface of it. Something needs to be done for the person who wrote that the mayor did a wonderful job on their streets. They need to come to the 2nd Ward.

The Republicans say that the Democrats have been after Mr. Trump since his first day in office. This guy has been breaking the laws since before he took office. They should keep it up. This is not what our forefathers meant to have such a crooked man lead our country.

Yes, I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so sick of these Democrats. What is wrong with these people? Three years. One year you should have found out there was no problems with our president. And three years? Do your job you got hired to. If you can’t do your regular job, what are you getting paid for? You should be fired, or laid off, or whatever they’ve got to do. Maybe we should start checking you folks, like Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi. You Democrats, you’ve got a serious problem. Get your head out of the sand. Get a life, guys.

Nothing — absolutely nothing — that the Democrats do, or your far left, is going to change my mind on who to vote for in the year 2020. I’m going to go with Trump. Yes, I will continue to do Trump, and vote for Trump, and support Trump. He’s done nothing more than past administrations have done — that is the Clintons, the Bushes and our famous Obama.

*story by Chicago-Tribune