Anti-Semitic Dem Rep Says GOP Is ‘Synonymous’ With Hate Speech

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Sunday said the Republican party is “synonymous” with hate speech, but failed to acknowledge her own anti-Semitic comments.

“Hate, sinful, bigot [sic] rhetoric is very dangerous, and it’s becoming synonymous with the Republican party,” Omar said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

Omar herself, a rising star in the Democratic Party, has been repeatedly accused of peddling anti-Semitic tropes against Jews, but has also been the victim of death threats, which she accused the GOP of whitewashing.

“They have refused to condemn and distance themselves from members within their party that have threatened my life and the lives of others,” she said. “That have caused the deaths of people in this country who follow their message and have put their names — the names of our president and many of the Republican leaders — in their manifestos as they have taken innocent lives.”

House Democrats in March watered down a resolution against anti-Semitism due to outcry from Omar and the far left.

Omar herself has also appeared to turn a blind eye to one form of ethnic hatred, going silent on anti-Semitic atrocities and opposing the administration’s efforts to combat them.

She has yet to acknowledge the recent mass shooting at a kosher supermarket in New Jersey, which left six dead, including the two assailants and one police officer. One of the shooters had ties to the anti-Semitic group the Black Hebrew Israelites. The group is known for its members’ provocative, slur-laden street preaching, and has no association with Judaism. Omar previously defended the group during its involvement with the Covington Catholic High School controversy.

Omar also appeared to oppose President Donald Trump’s executive order designed to enable federal agencies to combat rising rates of anti-Semitic violence and harassment, especially on college campuses. Omar retweeted several statements opposing the executive order, including one that said Trump is “using Jews and Judaism as a shield to go after Palestinians and anti-authoritarian professors and student activists.”

In March, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, largely in response to Omar’s infamous anti-Semitic “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” tweet.

*story by Pluralist