Pennsylvania voters blow away CNN, explain how badly impeachment will backfire on Democrats

Democrats have spent the better part of President Donald Trump’s presidency searching for impeachable offenses and ways to remove him from office. Now that they have finally voted to impeach Trump, it is becoming more clear that Democrats could face backlash from voters in 2020.

For example, voters in Blair County, Pennsylvania, told CNN last week that Trump’s impeachment will not waiver their support for him. In fact, they told the news network that partisan impeachment only bolsters their support for the president.

“I love him,” one woman told CNN. “I think what [Democrats] are doing is completely wrong. And I will vote for [Trump] in the coming election.”

“We’re gonna help him get re-elected, actually,” another person said.

One man who spoke with CNN at the local Altoona diner predicted that pursing impeachment “will put a nail in [Democrats’] coffin.”

Meanwhile, the local Republican Party chairman told CNN that he believes Trump will win his county in 2020 by an even greater percentage than in 2016 — when Trump won 71 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 25 percent — directly because of Democrats’ impeachment pursuit.

Indeed, Philip Devorris, the CEO of a local company, told CNN that impeachment has only bolstered his support for Trump.

“If [impeachment] did anything, it would make me want to support him more,” Devorris said.

*story by The Blaze