One of the largest homeless encampments is at LAX airport — and a police log of incidents just leaked

A log of police reports obtained by a local news station is portraying the harrowing conditions that travelers are encountering at the Los Angeles International Airport over homeless encampments.

LAX is the second busiest airport in the United States, but it is also the location of one of the largest encampment of homeless persons in Los Angeles.

NBC4’s I-Team said the report details numerous attacks and disturbing behavior from the homeless who camp at the airport’s terminals. They say that as many as 130 people sleep at the terminals on any given night.

An incident on November 24 is described a complaint from a guest that “transient hands are in his crotch area. Being disruptive and yelling obscenities in front of children.”

Another on October 1 complains of someone “spitting on passengers.”

On June 6 there’s a report that a “transient urinated on the floor sitting by escalator.”

The logs cited incidents of homeless people stealing luggage, defecating and urinating in public spaces, and threatening guests.

Airport workers told NBC4 that many transients blended in with the guests but that they could point out the “regulars” among the crowds.

NBC4 also spoke to the transients about why they chose to live at the airport.

“I bathe in there. If I have to, I wash my clothes in the sink,” said Denee Beckett, who says she likes the clean bathrooms at LAX.

“I’m pretty much comfortable here for right now because it’s a cleaner place than a shelter,” said Martell Lewis, who said sleeping at the airport is more safe than a shelter.

LAX officials expect nearly 6 million visitors to the airport during this year’s holiday season.

*story by The Blaze