Twitter Reacts To MAGA ‘Pastor’ Comparing Interracial Marriage To Zoo Animals

MAGA pastor is under fire for his ludicrous views on interracial marriage, comparing those who marry someone of another race to “zoo animals.” In a YouTube video that has been making its rounds on social media, Dave Daubenmire, a veteran 35-year high school football coach, according to his website Coach Dave Live, can be seen making the loathsome comparisons.

“Bluebirds hang with bluebirds, eagles hang with eagles. Mmm, boy oh, boy oh, boy oh, boy. You don’t see eagles – sorry, you don’t see eagles marrying buzzards, do ya? You don’t see it happening,” Daubenmire said.

Daubenmire continued, “…It is unbelievable. And, it doesn’t have any idea with your dignity as a human being. And, like he said, somebody help me out here. Maybe, I don’t know… At the zoo last night, I don’t think I saw one oriental married to a black guy.”

He added, “They may have been there…you don’t see it. You don’t see it.”

Shortly after, another white man, presumably named Randy, appears on the screen and shares his extraneous two cents. “…They ought to put different kinds of animals in the cages with different kinds of animals and see what happens.”

Daubenmine then compared interracial marriage to fish in an aquarium.

“I was even thinking last night when I was looking in the aquarium – all those different fish that are swimming in there together, but you know what Randy? The guys who take care of the aquariums keep certain fish out of that aquarium. ‘Cause they know if they put the wrong one in there, he’s gonna eat everybody else. So, they segregate even in the aquarium,” he said proudly.

The disgraceful pastor’s comments were quickly condemned on social media.

“Hey maga priest, you should know better than anyone that God punished Miriam and Aaron for speaking ill of Moses ‘Ethiopian’ wife. Pastor Daubenmire hit me back if you can’t find it in your Bible or ask any real Christian,” said one user.

Another person tweeted, “I seem to recall something I’ve heard before, let’s see…. All god’s children – wasn’t that it, why yes, I think it was…. A racist priest. An oxymoronic phrase if there ever was one. Wonder if he thinks his racism or his lack of faith will get him into heaven?”

A third person wrote, “I just want to know how we got back to 1955.”

To say this video and the opinions of this MAGA priest are deplorable would be an understatement.

Check out more reactions to the video below.

*story by News One