Tom Homan: 2020 Dems’ promises to illegal immigrants would lead to economic, border catastrophe

Former acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan warned Tuesday that Democratic promises to allocate funds for illegal immigrants would be catastrophic to the economy and send the southern border spinning “out of control.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: First” with hosts Todd Piro and Jillian Mele, Homan said that liberal agendas would mean the “collapse” of the entire immigration system.

“I mean, they want open borders. They want to abolish ICE. They want to end ICE detention. They want to offer free health care, free education…” he said. “[They] want to undo the actions of the president.”

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, border apprehensions are down 70 percent since May of 2019.

“The significance is the president did this on his own. Congress hasn’t offered one fix or one idea,” Homan noted.

He told the “Friends: First” hosts that what is “really upsetting” for 2020 Democratic candidates is that the president hasn’t failed the American people on his “number one campaign promise” — securing the border.

“And he hasn’t failed,” Homan added. “He has succeeded despite the efforts of all these Democrats out there throwing out more enticements,” he stated.

“We’re already $22 trillion in deficit. They want to have free Medicare which is estimated at $30 trillion. That’s not counting the free college tuition and so forth. They want to more than double the current deficit,” he said. “So I think the economy that this president built will also collapse. We cannot take care of the rest of the world. We can’t sustain that.”

“It’s only common sense,” said Homan. “Do you think it’s going to bring more illegal immigration or less illegal immigration? Of course, it’s going to bring more. But despite their promises and their enticements, this president is still successful.”

*story by Fox News