Conservative college students reveal rampant left-wing bias on campus: ‘They’re trying to shut up your viewpoint’

‘My professors unapologetically just rant against Trump in class’

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret took a trip to Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, late last month and asked student attendees if they experienced left-wing bias on their campuses.

And as you can no doubt guess, they offered example after example.

What did they say?

One student said a recent faculty email thread at his school declared there are “some ideas that just simply shouldn’t be expressed on college campuses” — and added that leftists “truly want us out.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Another student complained that certain forces at her school are “trying to stop me from having my own free speech.”

“People are very scared to be open about being conservative,” another student said, adding that it indicates “the media has been successful in trying to silence conservative views.”

One student noted that professors come up to her TPUSA chapter’s table and “harass us about our ‘Taxation Is Theft’ signs mostly because a lot of them are self-proclaimed socialists.”

Another student shared that his resident assistant “once said that she has an implicit bias against straight white males because of ‘privilege.'”

“They tear down our posters,” another student shared, adding that leftists also “slander us” as “racists.”

Left-wing antics in the classroom

Students also pointed out what’s been happening in their classes.

“You can’t talk in class,” one student offered. “They’re trying to shut up your viewpoint.”

Another student said, “My professors unapologetically just rant against Trump in class.”

Still another student shared about being instructed in class that “classifying anyone as a certain gender without asking them was a bigoted thing to do — and if you’re white and didn’t like [former President] Barack Obama, it was because you’re a racist.”

*story by The Blaze