Concealed carrier spots pair trying to steal his car at gas station. So he empties ‘entire magazine,’ shoots out three tires — and they still drive off.

After a man spotted two individuals jump into his car at a North Carolina gas station Thursday morning, he put his concealed carry license to use, WJZY-TV reported.

What happened next?

The owner of the car — who’s in his 20s — told the station that he “unloaded” his gun’s “entire magazine” at his car — “aiming at the tires.”

Not that it convinced the culprits to give up right then and there, apparently. In fact, they reportedly showed a weapon as they drove off from the Circle K in Charlotte — on at least three flat tires, WJZY said.

The concealed carrier told the station it was surreal to fire shots at his own car.

What happened to the suspects?

With apparently only a single serviceable tire at their disposal, the suspects didn’t get too far.

WJZY said a police helicopter was flying in the area and located the abandoned car nearby — and sources told the station that not two, but four suspects were taken into custody in connection with the incident.

*story by The Blaze