Left-wing progressive domestic threats to the union are out of control. It’s time to fight.

Soleimani is dead, and let’s rejoice at seeing justice carried out in real time. However, while we’re celebrating vanquishing our foreign threats, what about the domestic ones?

They’re not “over there,” an ocean away where they can’t get in the way of our regularly scheduled comforts and cravings. They’re right here, and they are legion.

That’s how “love is love” and “how is my gay marriage going to impact you anyway” became “bake the cake, bigot” and “wax my balls.” It’s also how “safe, legal and rare” became a multi-state ode to infanticide last year.

As a Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character in “Almost Famous” once said to a kid who got worked over by life, “They made you think you were cool, didn’t they?” And once you feel cool, you want that feeling to last even when a part of you may think things are getting a little weird. Because better a little weird than a target of the woke fascists.

That scam worked out so well for its progressive terraformers that their bait-and-switches have now attempted to weaponize being cool in a whole new way. The subtle poetic touches in the sloganeering are now long gone in favor of violence and usurpation.

It’s cool now to don a mask and beat innocent people as a member of Antifa.

It’s cool for the very grassroots backbone of a front-running presidential campaign — Bernie Sanders — to be run in multiple states by goons promoting gulags and economic anarchy.

It’s cool for doctors to make dance videos of themselves encouraging teenagers to rebel against their parents.

It’s cool for journalists to beg, borrow, and steal bloodshed into existence just so they can virtue signal about it afterward.

It’s cool for Elizabeth Warren to say this and AOC to say this and Sanders to say this without not only any fear that it will end their political careers, but certainty that it will catapult them.

It’s cool to be one of the zombies in this room.

It’s brazen and out in the open without any apology or concern. Whereas the dirty dancing used to happen after hours and under cover of rhetorical subterfuge, it’s now grinding in your face at high noon.

Just like Soleimani. The intelligence community knew for some time that his travel patterns across borders and among nefarious associations appeared somewhat slapdash. But were they? Maybe he was just so used to getting away with his murder and mayhem that he was at the point where he was truly believing out loud that no one had the guts or resolve to take him out.

In other words, the thug thought he was super cool.

But now he’s dead. And it happened because somebody with an R after their name finally set aside fear for fortitude. That’s a rare thing in the Grand Old Party, but it is going to have to happen a lot more if the Soleimanis in our midst our going to be prevented from terrorizing the good, the true, and the beautiful into oblivion.

You have to fight back. You have no choice. For this isn’t remotely about being cool.

This is about survival.

*story by The Blaze