Victory: New judge affirms that mom of 7-year-old ‘trans’ child James Younger will not be able to give son puberty-blocking hormones without his father’s consent

A Dallas judge has ruled that 7-year-old James Younger will remain under joint conservatorship of both parents, Anne Georgulas and ex-husband Jeffrey Younger.

This means she will not be able to give her child puberty-blocking hormones in order to transition him into a female, since Jeffrey Younger does not agree with the treatment.

What’s a brief history?

A jury initially awarded Georgulas sole conservatorship over James, permitting her to continue treating him as “Luna.”

Jeffrey cited his religious and ethical objections to the procedure and the ruling, and continued to appeal the case, insisting that his son showed “no signs of wanting to be a girl when given the choice.”

In October, Judge Kim Cooks overruled the initial verdict, and instead ruled that Georgulas and Younger would share 50/50 conservatorship — meaning that Georgulas and Younger would have to consent to any medical treatments.

What are the details?

Georgoulas and Younger appeared in court this week after Georgoulas’ attorney insisted on getting a new judge on the case. Georgoulas argued that Cooks acted inappropriately because she had shared an article about the October ruling on her Facebook page following the proceedings.

Following this incident, Cooks was recused from the case.

On Wednesday, Judge Mary Brown affirmed the court’s previous decision granting Jeffrey Younger joint conservatorship, which gives Younger a fair say in whether the couple’s son would receive such medical treatment.

An attorney for Georgulas vowed to challenge the ruling.

*story by The Blaze