Talk of the County: Democratic ‘sore losers, liars, cheaters and incompetent fools’ can’t run caucus, much less country

What happened to the Democratic Party? They have evolved into the party of sore losers, liars, cheaters and incompetent fools. They couldn’t even effectively manage a timely and fair count in the Iowa Caucus. How can we trust them to run the country when they couldn’t run a two-car train? The Democratic Party exemplifies their symbol, a jackass.

So Pelosi was signaling her female costumed puppets as to when to applaud during Trump’s speech. Then she tears up her copy of the speech. What a pathetic, childish loser.

So the Democrats must have lost the box of 10,000 absentee ballots that they keep on hand to change election results, so that they couldn’t report the Iowa Caucus votes. Then six candidates each declare victory because there are no results. Do we really want these morons running the country?

What a game. K.C. was just awesome, even though Chicago could have drafted Mahomes. But, as usual, politics had to be there. I will probably not watch the Super Bowl again now, especially if Jennifer Lopez performs. Really? Kids in cages? Its supposed to be entertaining, not politics. It’s come to a point where every venue has to have politics involved. What’s next, going to different fast-food restaurants based on party?

To the person asking if Medline Industries was there before houses were built nearby: Are you really comparing visible train tracks to invisible, deadly ETO emissions? I moved into my well-established neighborhood in 1991. My neighborhood is a half-mile from Medline Industries. In January of 2000, my employer moved his business to Northpoint Boulevard, just a few hundred feet from Medline. I worked at that location for 10 years. I think about all the beautiful summer days we kept the receiving dock door open to let the “fresh” air in, not knowing the air we were breathing was toxic. That receiving dock door faced Medline Industries. At home, I loved to be outside, gardening, relaxing on the deck, walking the neighborhood, still unknowingly breathing Medline’s poison. In 2014, I developed breast cancer, despite not having a history of cancer in my family. My doctor suggested my cancer could have been caused by something in the environment. The question that nobody is asking is how many years has Medline been emitting ethylene oxide? With all the lies and deception Medline has shown, and how they’re arrogantly and aggressively defending their dangerous ethylene oxide emissions, we may never know the answer. How many people need to get sick and die before something is done?

*story by The Chicago Tribune