Tomi Lahren: There is a war on cops, decency and law-abiding Americans

Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren argued that the back-to-back assassination attempts against New York City police officers this past weekend are the direct result of “failed leadership” and said they were a long time in the making.

“NYPD, the men and women of law enforcement, the officers in blue, who put their lives on that Blue Line to protect us all are under attack,” said Lahren on her Fox Nation show “Final Thoughts.”

A 45-year-old Bronx man, Robert Williams, has been charged with attempted murder, criminal weapon possession and resisting arrest, after he was captured following two separate attacks on NYPD officers.

Williams is accused of ambushing two officers in their marked police van on Saturday night. He fired several rounds into the vehicle, grazing one officer in the neck and chin before he fled the scene. Some hours later, authorities said, Williams walked into a Bronx precinct Sunday morning and opened fire, wounding a lieutenant.

Surveillance footage showed a man, whom authorities said is Williams, laying down inside the precinct after he ran out of bullets. He’s then taken into custody.

Both officers are expected to recover and one was released from the hospital on Sunday.

“These were targeted attacks,” said Lahren. “And I have no doubt in my mind the complacency and downright disregard for officers, public safety and law and order is to blame.”

“This has been brewing for months,” she continued while conceding that “police officers have always been under attack.”

“But this is bigger than business as usual,” Lahren argued, raising a series of recent incidents and criminal justice reform laws in New York City. “This is a war on cops, a war on decency. And if you’re a law-abiding American, quite frankly, a war on you too.”

During the summer of 2019, there were multiple incidents of people throwing and dumping buckets of water on NYPD officers.

At the time, President Trump tweeted, “What took place was completely unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. Bill de Blasio should act immediately!”

De Blasio, who also called the water attacks “unacceptable,” replied to the President’s tweet writing, “Crime’s gone down year after year in New York City and it’s not just because you finally left town.”

Lahren also pointed to mass anti-police protests in New York City — most notably the one on Jan. 31, when thousands of demonstrators descended on Grand Central Terminal and subway stations around the city.

Protesters carried signs with slogans like “F*** the Police” and “No cops! No fares!” Some participants reportedly chained open exits doors on subway platforms, vandalized stations and jumped turnstiles — evading the fares.

“These things are not unrelated. We had people marching through the streets of New York City recently,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a Sunday news conference, referencing the recent protests. “Words matter. And words affect people’s behavior.”

Mayor DeBlasio echoed that sentiment, saying, “You could protest for whatever you believe in, but you cannot vilely attack those who are here to protect us. It creates this kind of dynamic.”

“Couple that with these b.s. bail reform laws and you have the perfect storm — Gotham City,” said Lahren.

In a new interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer last week, De Blasio admitted that a recent surge in crime in the city may be related to a new law that bars judges from setting bail for low-level and non-violent offenders.

“We had, for six years, steady decreases in crime across the board… I think it’s pretty clear that there’s only one new major piece in the equation,” said De Blasio.

“Thugs have been emboldened by the p— poor leadership of Bill de Blasio and his Democratic cohorts who cheer not for law and order, but against it, siding time and time again with thugs and criminals over the men and women of law enforcement whose sworn duty it is to stop mayhem and keep communities safe,” said Lahren.

“Law-abiding Americans pay attention,” she concluded. “We don’t have to put up with this vote these people out.”

*story by Fox News