Brandon Judd: Trump’s court win denying sanctuary cities grants is major blow to liberal extremists

Despite their best attempts, pro-illegal alien extremists are failing to stop the Trump administration’s efforts to restore law and order to the nation.

On Wednesday, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York overturned a lower court decision and ruled that the Department of Justice can indeed withhold grant money from local and state governments that purposely flout the law and put American lives at risk.

This ruling is obvious, sensible and just — at least to anyone who isn’t a pro-open-borders extremist.

In question in this specific case was the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, which dispenses $250 million per year to support state local criminal justice efforts, and upon which many sanctuary jurisdictions rely in order to meet their budgetary needs.

One such jurisdiction is New York City, and the response to Wednesday’s ruling from its mayor, Bill de Blasio, typifies the hypocrisy and outright absurdity of those who think releasing criminal illegal aliens onto the streets is the right thing to do.

“President Trump’s latest retaliation against his hometown takes away security funding from the number one terrorist target in America,” de Blasio said in a statement, “all because we refuse to play by his arbitrary rules.”

Those so-called arbitrary rules are the literal law of the land, requirements specifically added by Congress for cities that want to receive Bryne grants, whether Mr. de Blasio likes it or not. And the notion that a mayor who as a matter of policy refuses to hand over criminal illegal aliens to federal law enforcement — instead unleashing them to wreak more havoc on law-abiding citizens — would suddenly pretend to care about the security of his city is quite frankly offensive.

Yet to Mr. de Blasio and his allies, President Trump’s efforts to enforce the law of the land and protect American lives amounts to “retaliation.” This is the essence of their position against the Trump administration’s policy. They truly believe that they have the right to take federal money intended to help them enforce the law while simultaneously refusing to assist federal law enforcement. They actually have the gall to demand federal money intended for public safety while actively undermining public safety with their sanctuary policies.

In addition to highlighting the morally indefensible position of sanctuary jurisdictions and their supporters, the circuit court decision also highlights the importance of President Trump’s efforts to reshape the judiciary.

We have seen the lengths to which proponents of sanctuary cities are willing to go to maintain their state of lawlessness and protect their reckless practices. We have seen that there are activist judges on various courts willing to support them. And we have just seen that sound, constitutionally-based legal judgments may be our last line of defense against those who wish to replace the American Dream with American Anarchy.

The open-borders extremists are surely gnashing their teeth at this ruling. They very well may lose sleep at the thought of an administration finally willing to enforce the law. But that silent majority of Americans who still contain a functioning moral compass can sleep soundly knowing that the Constitution protects the Trump administration’s efforts to protect them.

*Story by Fox News