Elizabeth Warren just reminded voters why they didn’t pick her

Elizabeth Warren has been floundering in the Democratic primaries. She hasn’t won a single state yet, and Super Tuesday may not give her the boost for which she was clearly hoping.

In her home state of Massachusetts, exit polls indicate Bernie Sanders at 30.4%, Joe Biden at 28.9%, and Warren at just 25.2%, a depressing result for a state that might normally have turned out for its own senator.

But while her disappointing polls were rolling in, Warren reminded voters why her media hype was always empty — with a single tweet.

“Yes, these are hard times,” she tweeted on Tuesday evening. “Yes, people are afraid. And the danger is real. Our very democracy hangs in the balance. But Latinx and Chicano history teaches us the power of fighting back.”

This kind of pandering plays with the psychologists, editors, and librarians who support Warren, but it doesn’t have broad appeal with the rest of the country. No, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about Mexico; they just don’t care for the Anglo-imperialist term “Latinx” or the fake Native American woman who uses other ethnic identities to boost her own brand.

This might play with Warren’s woke white peers, but the rest of America isn’t buying it. (More of them are saying, “No Malarkey.”)

*Story by The Washington Examiner