Tucker Carlson: Trump ‘At His Best’ Naming Coronavirus ‘The Chinese Virus’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump for calling the coronavirus “the Chinese virus.” (See the video below.)

Despite guidelines from the World Health Organization cautioning leaders to avoid naming a disease with a location to avoid stigmatizing an area or ethnic group, Trump has pointedly and repeatedly used the terminology on Twitter this week. Critics, including media outlets, slammed him for potentially encouraging discrimination against Asians.

“Today, NBC News sent a tweet suggesting the president’s use of the phrase ‘Chinese virus’ was, quote, both inaccurate and harmful, in tying racist associations between the virus and those from China,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Another statement written by morons in our news media. How is it inaccurate to call a virus from China ‘Chinese?’

“The president, to his credit, does not seem intimidated,” Carlson declared. He then cut to a clip of Trump dismissing complaints at a press conference.

“Good for him,” Carlson said. “That was Trump at his very best.”

Trump, who has a long history of racism and xenophobia, resumed calling it “the Chinese Virus” on Twitter Wednesday morning.

*story by HuffPost