Mark Cuban repeatedly declines ‘View’ co-host’s prompting to bash Trump over coronavirus

“Shark Tank” star and billionaire Mark Cuban declined to attack President Trump over the coronavirus pandemic despite a “View” co-host’s repeated prompting for him to do so on Wednesday’s show.

“View” co-host Sunny Hostin asked the Dallas Mavericks owner about Trump’s leadership, citing accusations that Trump’s allegedly delayed response “cost lives.”

“You know, I’m not a fan of President Trump’s,” Cuban responded, “but I’m not going to rip on him either because any senator could have stood up and said something and screamed loud, any congressperson could have, nobody did. And so, I didn’t have high expectations for President Trump but I’m not going to throw him under the bus. I think it was a failure of leadership across the entire political spectrum.”

Hostin followed up with a question about Trump’s relatively high approval rating and whether people like her were underestimating the way Americans viewed Trump’s handling of the crisis.

“No, I mean look,” Cuban replied, “He’s doing the best can. Here’s what I’ll say, and again, I’m not a fan of his but what’s real is real. When you have imperfect information, you make imperfect decisions. We’re not in a ready, aim, fire mode. We’re in a ready, fire, aim mode — and that makes it tough. And so, no matter what he did, it’s going to be wrong for some people.”

Cuban added that while Trump still went “off on tangents,” the pandemic might have represented the first time “we’ve seen him actually defer to experts at some level.”

Hostin later asked about Trump’s decision to criticize New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during the pandemic.

“Is this how Trump should be spending his time? Criticizing the governor of one of the hardest-hit states?” Hostin asked.

“No, I mean obviously not,” Cuban said, adding there was “no good reason” for the criticism and repeating that the country is in an unprecedented situation.

“I’m not going to just stand around tearing [Trump] apart.”

*story by Fox News