Gang Leader, Suspect in Dismemberment of Irish Teen, Killed in Broad Daylight

A man shot dead in broad daylight in Ireland on Saturday is believed to be a senior figure in a criminal gang who allegedly murdered a 17-year-old in January, BBC News reports. Robbie Lawlor, the 35-year-old member of the feuding Drogheda gang, was shot outside of a Belfast home at 11:30 a.m. Det. Supt. Jason Murphy reportedly said Lawlor was shot multiple times at close range. Three men were arrested for the “brutal” killing on Saturday, and another was apprehended on Sunday. “Those involved in this murder selfishly gave no thought to the impact on frontline emergency services who are already working hard to keep people safe with an already stretched resource,” Murphy said. “Not only did they carry out this callous murder leaving a family experiencing their worst nightmare, but they did not care that children and other members of this north Belfast community were placed at risk.”

Irish media reported that Lawlor has over 100 previous convictions and was a suspect in three other gang-related murders—one of them being the killing of Keane Mulready-Woods. According to The Daily Mail, the 17-year-old was kidnapped in January before being taken to a home where he was tortured and dismembered. His remains were found the following day.

*story by The Daily Beast