A Chinese province is offering cash rewards up to $800 for any resident who tracks down and catches someone illegally crossing the border from Russia

The going rate for catching an unauthorized immigrant in northeastern China is about $818.

The province of Heilongjiang, which shares a 2,600-mile border with Russia, has increased measures to try to stop a second bout of coronavirus cases. Its latest action, by all appearances, is a cash bounty, according to The Irish Times.

Local authorities have set up a hotline and offered 5,000 yuan, equal to about $818, to any resident who catches someone who illegally entered China from Russia. Residents can get 3,000 yuan if they have information that leads to the capture of such a person.

On Sunday, China reported 108 new coronavirus cases, its highest daily total since March 5, Business Insider previously reported. As of Wednesday, China had 83,306 confirmed cases, with 3,345 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Pertinently, on Tuesday, 79 out of 89 newly reported cases were described by Chinese health officials as Chinese citizens returning from Russia, according to The Irish Times.

The possibility of Chinese nationals in Russia — though to number anywhere from 100,000 to 1.5 million — returning home was also the subject of a recent op-ed article by the Chinese government-controlled newspaper Global Times. The article outlined concerns that citizens would try to return since “they know that China has done a good job in domestic prevention and medical care is guaranteed.”

“Thus,” the article said, ” the willingness to return to China is strong among them.”

It said: “The Chinese people have watched Russia became a severely affected country from one that did a great job. This should sound the alarm: China must strictly prevent the inflow of cases and avoid a second outbreak.”

It added: “For Chinese people in Russia, we encourage them to stay where they are to avoid being infected. The most effective way to prevent infection is to implement strict self-quarantine. The risk of long-distance travel is very high.”

Along with the bounty, Suifenhe, a border city, and Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, now enforce 28-day quarantines for any new arrivals.

*story by Insider