Crooks bust into apartment in broad daylight but quickly turn tail and run — one jumping a second-floor balcony — when resident opens fire

A surveillance video showed a trio of men busting into a Florida apartment just before 6 p.m. Tuesday.

But seconds later they were high-tailing back through the door, one of them so freaked out he hopped over a second-floor balcony to make his escape.

What changed their minds so quickly?

Well, the break-in victim at the Park Place Apartments in Neptune Beach had a gun — and used it, WJXT-TV reported.

What are the details?

The station said the suspects were in the apartment for about eight seconds before the resident opened fire with five gunshots.

Neptune Beach police confirmed one was shot in the chest and is at a hospital while the other two suspects are still on the run, WJXT said, adding that the shot man hasn’t been identified.

Surveillance images from a nearby parking lot show the suspects leaving in two getaway cars, a red Kia and a silver Pontiac, the station said.

Ken Jefferson — WJXT’s crime and safety expert and a former Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective — told the station it was a “very scary situation” but “this homeowner realizes he has the right to protect himself, and he pulls out his gun, and he begins to fire. He’s well within justification to do that.”

WJXT said the apartment resident who fired the shots isn’t facing any charges.

*story by The Blaze