Law Firm Launches $6 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit Against China Over Coronavirus

Scores of people around the world continue to be infected and get sick from the coronavirus.

Health authorities are still focusing on ensuring no more people contract the potentially deadly disease, however, lawyers are starting to point their fingers in China’s direction for being at the centre of the outbreak.

One law firm has launched a class action lawsuit against the country that’s worth USD$6 trillion.

Credit: PA

Berman Law Group in Florida has brought forward the lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party for negligence, lies and cover-up.

According to 9News, more than 10,000 people have signed onto the class action. Some are grieving family members, who are devastated after a loved one died from Covid-19, and others are healthcare workers who have been affected by the pandemic.

Chief strategist for the case, Jeremy Alters, told 60 Minutes: “We are now in the depth of this economic and human crisis that could have been mostly prevented, if not all prevented.

“This lawsuit is based on the fact that [China] knew about this virus.

“They failed to contain the virus. They failed to let us know in a timely fashion about the virus and have unleashed hell on our communities, on our countries, the United States, Australia and everywhere else.”

Jeremy Alters. Credit: Channel 9

This is just one of at least four class actions being filed against China for the virus outbreak.

One was filed late last month on behalf of all Californian small businesses that have been crippled by the pandemic shutdown.

The class action, launched by small businesses like including Cardiff Prestige Property, Little Saigon Chamber of Commerce, First Premier X and others, is seeking $8 trillion in damages.

The 27-page document states: “Shortly after November 27, 2019, the [People’s Republic of China] and the other Defendants received credible scientific evidence confirming that this ‘new’ virus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China was very contagious, deadly and capable of causing a pandemic.

China’s leader Xi Jinping. Credit: PA

“Instead of disclosing the evidence… [they] engaged in a campaign of misinformation and lies.”

But what’s the likelihood of Chinese representatives winding up in court to face the accusations?

While some law experts don’t think it result in anything, Berman Law Group’s Jeremy Alters told Channel 9 that it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

“The chances are not nil. They are very good. We will be able to pursue this in court and it will be up to our judge or judges,” he said.

“And at some point, bring China to bear so that they have to pay for what they’ve done.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

*story by LadBIBLE