Victor Davis Hanson claims coronavirus pandemic has led to resurgence of ‘neo-socialist agenda’

Historian Victor Davis Hanson told “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night that left-wing politicians and the media are using the coronavirus pandemic to push an agenda of “neo-socialism” as the economy continues to struggle.

“We thought that the neo-socialist agenda was refuted in the 2019 and ’20 primaries,” Hanson said. “[We thought] that type of agenda was not popular and now — zombielike — it’s using this crisis to reemerge and rebirth.”

In response, host Laura Ingraham played a clip of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo appearing to advocate for using the crisis to bring about progressive change in the Empire State.

“Let’s use this situation, this crisis, this time, to actually learn the lessons, value from the reflection and let’s reimagine what we want society to be,” Cuomo said in a recent address, adding that tht state could “use this as a moment to really plan [and make] change that we could normally never do unless you had this situation.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. of the Bronx said in a recent social media licwstream that “incrementalism” is “not helpful” and urged “meaningful assistance for working families” of $2,000 per month on a recurring basis paid for by the taxpayer.

“What’s really sad is that there’s a suppression of expression that’s not symmetrical,” Hanson continued, explaining that the public largely will give leeway to experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci if the virus curve models have been off, but criticize those who use the modeling errors to call for looser restrictions on the public.

“If you have any skepticism about this lab in China, not that it was a bioweapon, but just that it was an accident, then you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you say that hydroxychloroquine might have some useful off-label use, then it’s equivalent to advocating that we turn to mercury and arsenic,” he added.

“If you say flu, just the word influenza, that’s a taboo word even though we know now from the USC samplings, from the Stanford samplings, from things overseas, that the people who are zero-positive might be four to 15 percent. That radically changes the denominator and maybe the virus doesn’t kill 300 to 400 [people per thousand] but one or two like the flu does.”

*story by Fox News