Man Punched ‘40 Times’ On NYC Subway After Passenger Claims He Coughed

An Asian man was recently attacked by a fellow passenger inside an MTA subway train headed to the Bronx.

The attack, which was captured on film by an onlooker, reportedly took place on the 4 train at around 6:30 a.m. on April 23, reports NY Daily News.

Instagram user @eugene718, who first uploaded the clip on social media, hinted that the altercation started after the men allegedly coughed on each other.

“I don’t like posting s**t like this but you know what this is NYC today cough on each other on a overpopulated train this is the outcome,” the witness wrote in the caption. “Essential working ain’t easy so for people who sit on your damn unemployment and complain about haircuts. Stfu plz 🙂 #nyc #corona #mta @worldstar #worldstar @50cent. Plz don’t ask me why I didn’t help anymore. Fight was stopped. guy had weak ass punches there was no damage done 2 dudes one fight 20 seconds it’s ok ppl Man up. Dude was drunk on a subway at 6:30 am other one looking for trouble outstanding citizens.”

In the 20-second clip, the attacker reportedly delivers a flurry of 40 punches using both of his fists while the victim tries to cover his face. Meanwhile, the other passengers are seen ignoring the violent attack as the Asian man appears to grab and block the other party.

According to the original video uploader, a Muay Thai and K-1 practitioner, the apparent victim did not sustain any heavy injuries as the punches were light and the fight was eventually stopped.

According to the NYPD, they have yet to receive any report about the incident.

*story by NextShark