Joy Reid, unhinged MSNBC panel blame tragic Georgia killing on Trump, GOP, NRA

We have long known that MSNBC host Joy Reid is unwell. From her pathological lies covering up her decades of anti-gay blogging to her conspiracy rants about President Trump becoming a “monarch,” the liberal anchor’s unhinged nature is well-documented at this point. But it was still surprising when Saturday, not just Reid, but several of her MSNBC panelists teamed up to blame the tragic murder of Ahmaud Arbery on Trump, Republicans, and the National Rifle Association.

For those who’ve missed the heartbreaking story, here it is a nutshell. An innocent black man was captured on video, being accosted by two armed vigilantes who assaulted, shot, and killed him.

Thankfully, this tragedy has, with a few notable exceptions, been met with bipartisan condemnation and calls for justice. Mainstream conservative commentators and Second Amendment advocates alike have almost all condemned it and implored prosecution of the two men who took injustice into their own hands. President Trump himself called it “heartbreaking” and promised justice.

Of course, none of that stops left-wing hacks such as Reid and her panelists from blaming the Right for a senseless tragedy. Here’s a summary of their lengthy segment from

One of the panelists, Vanderbilt University Professor Jonathan Metzl blamed ‘all the rhetoric coming out of the NRA,’ ‘stand Your ground’ laws, and ‘what I write about in my book, The Castle Doctrine, these ideas that basically of the white body…the white home as a particular castle’ for Arbery’s death.
According to Metzl, ‘all of that rhetoric has been kind of deployed…to give the idea that basically white Americans can use their weapons…to defend themselves.’ Metzl also called guns ‘symbols of…white privilege’ and ‘white authority.’

Towards the end of the conversation, NBC’s Kurt Bardella picked up a broad brush, arguing that ‘white people feel like it’s okay’ to ‘hop in the back of your pickup truck and hunt another human being down and execute him and film it for reasons that are beyond understanding.’

Bardella proceeded to claim that the shooting of Arbery was ‘fueled by the rise of Trumpism and fueled by the fact that the most powerful person in the world views minorities and people of color as second-class citizens and every policy that he has supported…and imposed on the American people…is designed to elevate white people…and keep people of color down, you know, somewhere else.’

Reid, of course, nodded along throughout this entire rant and ended it by imploring her audience to read the New York Times’s (factually challenged) 1619 Project, which paints a false history of America as a racist dystopia.

There is no word for this other than unhinged. That a mainstream liberal network such as MSNBC would hardly blink at such blatant racial hostility, such obscene politicization of tragedy, and such a fact-free narrative emanating across their airwaves is truly telling. It speaks volumes as to just how far gone the Left truly is.

If justice is not eventually secured in Arbery’s murder, it will be because of this kind of shameless politicization and hackery.

*story by The Washington Examiner