Trump Says Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Was A ‘Horrible Thing,’ But Claims There’s An ‘Empty Spot On The Tape’

President Donald Trump was again asked Monday about the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed African American male in Georgia, and he remarked that Arbery looked like a “wonderful young guy.” He also said that the video may not tell the whole story.

“I saw the picture of him in his tuxedo. It was so beautiful. I mean, he looks like a wonderful young guy. He would have been a wonderful guy,” Trump said.

“I think it’s a horrible thing. I think it’s a horrible thing. Now with that being said, as you know, they are studying the case very carefully. They are interviewing everyone involved and we’ll see what happens.”

He also said the video was “terrible looking.”

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor followed up, asking him about his statement that “there possiblly are things that happened that were not recorded on the tape.”

Trump said during a Fox News appearance last week that the video was “heartbreaking,” but added, there “could be something that we didn’t see on tape.”

“Could you expound on what you mean by that?” Alcindor asked.

“Well, I saw the tape and when they moved left, I don’t believe … when they moved left outside of the tape, nobody saw what was going on. Nobody saw — it’s an empty spot on the tape I guess. Now, do they have additional tapes? I hope,” Trump said.

“But, I will say it’s something that based on what I saw, doesn’t look good,” he added.

*story by The Daily Caller