Kentucky business tells customers to ‘stop listening’ to ‘dumbass’ Democratic governor, refuses to require masks in store

A convenience store in Kentucky posted a sign saying “no face masks” were allowed to be worn in the store and urged customers to stop listening to the state’s “dumbass” governor who said Kentuckians will have to wear masks in public as efforts to reopen the state get underway, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

After an angry customer complained about the store’s sign, the business “clarified” the sign’s intent and said no one would be denied entry for wearing a mask.

What happened?

Alvin’s Kitchen in Manchester is a convenience store that also includes dining options. The store posted a sign on its front door that raised the ire of at least one potential customer Monday.

The sign, which ripped Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear while seeming to ban mask wearers, said: “No face masks allowed in store. Lower your mask or go somewhere else! Stop listening to Beshear. He’s a dumbass.”

Gov. Beshear said last month that as businesses begin opening in phases everyone will be required to wear masks while out in public, the Herald-Leader reported, adding, “He said if you’re on a run or walk by yourself you won’t have to wear one, but that you must wear one when going to the store.”

Though the governor told the people that no arrests or citations would be made for those who choose not to wear a mask, police will be under orders to tell non-mask wearers to put one on.

Alvin’s message made the rounds on social media Monday afternoon and Tuesday after a Facebook user posted and urged fellow citizens to “spread their shame.” He threatened that the state government “will be notified about this and a few other things.”

Several commenters on the Facebook post lauded the store’s stance and blasted the Facebook poster for shaming the business:

  • “Being a cry baby ain’t gonna do anything to stop them from doing what they want.”
  • “It’s people’s right to choose. … ‘My body, my choice.’ Thats what liberals always say. … I haven’t worn a mask, will not wear a mask, and there isn’t a bureaucrat in this state that can make me do so.”
  • “[Y]ou don’t HAVE to go in the store, no one is forcing you in there. Just go somewhere else.”
  • “I love this & may just drive from Berea just to shop here!”
  • “I will drive out of my way tomorrow to get gas here.”
  • “Shame? Let’s applaud this person! Are you kidding.”
  • “Little cry baby B#### gonna call Frankfort and the snowflake gonna cry…”
  • “You’re a rat.”
  • “Covid snitch.”

However, several of the business’ critics called the store childish and hypocritical, pointing out that the store actually sells Trump 2020 face masks and that it didn’t make sense for Alvin’s to ban mask wearers.

How did Alvin’s respond?

After the store’s sign got national attention, the business clarified on Facebook that no one was going to be turned away for wearing a mask.

Their point, they said, was not to tell people not to wear masks but to remind them that it’s their choice — not the government’s choice to make for them.

We would like to clarify the statement behind our sign, we posted on the front door of our store. First of all, we would never deny any customer access inside our store, that is wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. We are not telling you to not wear a mask, what we are saying is, its your choice to wear one or not, not our governments choice for us. While some got the meaning behind it, alot did not. We didnt mean to offend anyone, but we will not apologize for our beliefs in our freedom to make our own decisions, that our government wants to make for us. We strive to keep our customers safe, and our employees.

*story by The Blaze