She ran from a crash with 2 babies. Then she did the unthinkable with a box cutter, cops say

An Indiana woman was arrested in Gainesville after police say she got in a car crash, fled holding two babies, and nearly cut the infants as well as officers with a box cutter.

Kiah Tyus, 24, faces several charges, including child neglect, battery and aggravated assault of an officer, according to her arrest report.

Gainesville police responded to reports of a crash just before 6 p.m. Thursday. There, they found a Tyus’ vehicle and a dump truck flipped on its side. Witnesses told officers that the 24-year-old had run away with two small children in her arms.

An officer found Tyus, still holding babies and bleeding, about a block from the accident. The children were also covered in blood.

When the officer tried to stop Tyus from walking any farther, she bit his middle finger, the report says. Two more officers arrived shortly after and attempted to take the babies, but then she pulled out a box cutter, the report said.

Tyus then made motions as if she were going to cut the babies and the officers, according to the report. Police eventually used a Taser to subdue her.

Her relationship with the babies is unclear as was what happened to them following her arrest.

Tyus was booked into an Alachua County jail, where she’s being held on $42,000 bond.

*story by The Miami Herald