Unhinged protester screams at drivers, ‘Do black lives matter to you?!’ One woman doesn’t answer correctly — and things get scary.

George Floyd protesters were caught on video descending upon a Maryland street near Interstate 270 — and one ultra-confrontational leftist took it upon herself to scream a question at passing cars: “Do black lives matter to you?!”

What are the details?

One driver was all in and answered affirmatively with his fist raised, so the self-appointed toll booth collector let the driver pass.

But one woman made the mistake of completely ignoring the screamed question as she passed by:

The driver’s rudeness infuriated the protester, who called her “Karen,” a “f***in’ white piece of s**t,” and a “bitch” — and even appeared to challenge her to a fight: “Oh yeah?! You wanna f***in’ go, Karen?”

Arriving at the driver’s window, the protester screamed, “Until black lives matter, no lives matter!”

The driver made a reference to people of different colors, presumably as a way of communicating that all people are equal, and then said to get out of her way. But the screaming protester wasn’t having it, hollered back at the woman, then stood in front of her vehicle.

Then things got a little scarier.

Other protesters joined in the fray and began assembling near the vehicle: “She ain’t goin’ nowhere …” a male declared as a protester banged on the hood of the SUV.

Either frightened, angry, or both, the driver leaned into her horn for a spell — but it was no use.

“Whatcha gonna do?” the same man apparently repeats. “You’re not goin’ nowhere.”

How did folks react to the video?

As you might imagine, Twitter users weren’t happy with the protesters’ tactics, and some made it clear how they would respond if in the same situation:

  • “Yep… I’d have pulled out my 357 mag.”
  • “They closed a lot of mental hospitals in the 70’s and 80’s. We could use them again now. If standing in traffic and screeching accusations at people you’ve never met isn’t nuts, I’m not sure what is.”
  • “These people are just handing Trump a re-election at this point, silver patter and all.”
  • “This is terrorism.”
  • “They don’t even know they are the fascists.”
  • “All the more reason to carry.”
  • “A new cult rises.”
  • “I would have backed up and come at them full speed.

*story by The Blaze