White cop placed on leave after arresting black Amazon driver who parked wrong way

A white Michigan police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after being caught on video arresting a black Amazon driver who parked the wrong way while delivering a package, according to reports.

The Warren police officer is seen on Facebook Live video restraining the driver on the ground on Tuesday afternoon, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

“I delivered to her,” the unidentified deliveryman says.

“I can attest to it — he put the box in my hand,” Diana Gouim adds.

Jim Michaels, who ordered the package, told WXYZ that the cop was “aggressive” in taking the employee to the ground.

“From when my sister walked in the house and then walked back out, the cop had him on the ground and cuffed and was calling for backup,” Michaels said. “It was so ridiculous over a traffic offense.”

He added: “We, several of the neighbors, spoke with the officer saying the kid hasn’t done anything and the cop was like, ‘Well, he was parked the wrong way.’”

Backup officers soon arrived at the scene on Engelman Road, where they hauled off the 23-year-old driver.

Mayor Jim Fouts called on Facebook for the officer to be fired and subject to a criminal probe, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

But he later deleted the post after speaking with Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer, who recommended felony charges against the driver.

“It’s critical the public understands to not put all police officers and paint them with a broad brush that they’re bad officers,” Dwyer said, according to the WJBK.

The incident also was captured in dashcam video released by police.

“The driver became argumentative and refused multiple requests for his license. In fact, he refused 11 times,” Dwyer said, according to clickondetroit.com. “The officer took the driver to the ground to gain control of him and the situation for everyone’s safety before it escalated further.”

“It’s a violation of the law if you do not produce your driver’s license when asked by an officer,” the top cop added, WXYZ reported.

“That’s what started this whole incident, and if he would have just shown his license, he may have gotten a parking ticket or warning,” he said.

The deliveryman was charged with resisting and obstructing a police officer, failure to obey a lawful command and failure to produce a driver’s license, the outlet reported.

He also was issued a citation for parking illegally.

The cop has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation, WXYZ reported.

In another Facebook post, the mayor said: “I received several phone calls regarding this incident requiring me to make a statement that any type of aggressive behavior is not tolerated.

“I was upset that one individual could possibly besmirch the fine reputation of Warren police officers,” Fouts said.

Amazon senior vice president of worldwide operations Dave Clark said in a tweet that the video was “shocking, unacceptable, and inexcusable.”

“We are digging in to support the driver and to ensure there is a proper outcome to this investigation,” he wrote.

The company said in a statement: “Amazon will deploy all necessary resources to investigate the matter with our Delivery Service Provider, as well as to represent and support the driver.”

*story by New York Post