Miami police cheered for ‘decisive action’ after protesters smash cop car

Dramatic video footage shows the moment Florida cops squared off this week with protesters who jumped onto their car and smashed it with skateboards — prompting some to cheer the officers for their “decisive action.”

In the chaotic footage, the unmarked police cruiser is shown rolling along a downtown Miami street Wednesday before a protester hops onto the hood and two others bash it with skateboards, according to police.

“F— you!” one protester can be heard shouting at police.

Two quick-thinking officers restrain one of the attackers, prompting demonstrators — who had gathered to protest police brutality and the death of George Floyd — to surround the car and taunt them.

“Look at the cops! Look at the cops!” an onlooker yells as police grab the suspects.

Some hailed the cops for being ready to rumble.

“Decisive action was taken by the police and with precision. you can tell the officers had clear rules of engagement and when the line was crossed they restored order quickly. God policing in that situation. Cooled it off real quick too!” one observer wrote on Twitter.

Another added, “This is how you do it Miami PD.”

At least one person, a 30-year-old man, was arrested and charged with inciting a riot and criminal mischief during the incident, according to the Miami Police Department. Six other protesters were also arrested at the demonstration.

*story by The New York Post