Parks Dept. employees spotted cleaning Coney Island bathroom with US flag

A day before Flag Day, two city employees were spotted using the Stars and Stripes to mop the floor of a filthy Coney Island restroom, a witness told The Post.

Jose Gonzalez, a Guardian Angel who was on patrol on the boardwalk Saturday afternoon, said he saw two employees from the Parks Department wiping down a men’s bathroom with a flag mop.

An enraged elderly veteran confronted them, saying they “can’t use the flag to wipe up urine and s–t from the floor.”

“He was really angry,” said Gonzalez, 44, a 26-year veteran of the Guardian Angels who also manages a security company.

“The Parks guy didn’t see what the big deal was and told him, ‘It’s just a symbol.’”

The veteran stormed out of the restroom, said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez snapped a photo of the mophead.

“This is an absolute disgrace especially one day before Flag Day, an honored day that no one is discussing in New York City,” said disgusted Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. “Clearly, we are not educating our citizens. At a time when we are all divided, it’s the flag that brings us together.”

The city Parks Department did not immediately return Post calls for comment.

*story by The New York Post