‘This is not a festival site’: Residents outraged as people urinate and ‘defecate on doorsteps’ near east London park

Londoners have been warned not to treat one of the capital’s open spaces as a festival site after residents in east London complained of people “defecating on doorsteps” and urinating in their gardens.

Hackney Council issued a warning after residents witnessed “unacceptable scenes” at London Fields last weekend.

The council said the park was left covered in litter and people were seen urinating against trees, in residents’ gardens and outside their front doors.

It said some people defecated in the park’s woodland, and large groups gathered with loud music, which continued late into the night.

“London Fields is not a festival site – it’s for everyone in the community,” Councillor Jon Burke said on Friday.


“Yet again, last weekend saw thoroughly unacceptable behaviour in the park, with sound systems, urinating, defecating, excessive amounts of litter and noise well into the night.

“Our staff are working tirelessly to keep parks maintained and safe for those who don’t have outside space, but the selfish actions of a few are preventing local residents from being able to enjoy the park.”

Despite the warning, and the deployment of additional security guards, Mr Burke said thousands descended on the park again over the weekend, with many “wrecking people’s quality of life”.

Another 58 fines were handed out to people urinating in the park, the council said.


“Impact on people around park literally scrubbing urine & faeces off their steps is immense,” they said.

“They have spent ages in lockdown, only now to watch 1000s of people carousing outside, soiling outside their windows and getting abuse if they remonstrate.”

The council said it is investigating further legal measures to tackle the issues, which it will announce this week, and said it will recruit additional enforcement officers for the borough’s parks and other areas over the summer.

Public toilets in Hackney parks are open, the council said, and there are 11 toilets in London Fields.

*story by The Evening Standard