John Bolton predicts Biden administration would be ‘another four years’ of Obama foreign policy

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton told “The Daily Briefing” Thursday that a victory for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in November would lead to “another four years” of former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

“I think the United States suffered substantial harm internationally because of their policies across a wide variety of fronts,” Bolton told host Dana Perino, specifying “China, the North Korean and Iran nuclear programs, [and] dealing with Russia” among “a whole range of issues.”

By contrast, Bolton said, what prevents him from supporting Trump’s reelection is what he described as the president’s “inconsistency, lack of guidance philosophy, and disjointed sporadic decision-making style.”

“It’s kind of [an] apples and oranges comparison,” Bolton said, “in that they both trouble me but for very different reasons.”

In an interview with “Special Report” Tuesday, Bolton –who voted for Trump in 2016 — told host Bret Baier that he had “watched Trump for 17 months up close and person, and I cannot in good conscience vote for him again.”

“A large number of people face this dilemma in 2016, comparing Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton,” Bolton told Perino Thursday, “And in 2016, I thought about it long and hard — as did many other people — and I concluded that it was worth trying Trump because the chances that he would be within the mainstream of Republican national security policy outweighed the risk of a Clinton administration, which I also thought would be four more years of Obama.”

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