Concealed Carrying Off-Duty Cop Drops Armed Robber in Dramatic Footage

This robber picked the wrong group of women to target.

Most self-defense encounters seem to involve criminals who underestimate the victim. That was the case with the video we are sharing today. It also serves as a reminder that it is never a good idea to threaten a woman’s children. In this dramatic footage from Brazil, a robber armed with a .38 revolver sees a group of women milling about with their children in front of a school.

To the robber, it looks like an easy target for some quick cash. These women look totally defenseless, especially with their children there.

What the robber does not know is that there is an off-duty police officer in the group of mothers. She has a Taurus handgun in her purse and is not pleased about someone threatening her children. When the opportunity presents itself, she does not hesitate to spring into action. This one happens fast, so do not blink. Also be warned there is graphic content in the video.

Wow. Scary situation. We are glad it did not end with any of the women or children being injured. It was clear this thief was taken completely by surprise in this encounter. He did not see the officer drawing her gun until it was too late.

According to the video’s description, the woman was using a Taurus PT640. The Taurus brand tends to get a bad reputation among firearms enthusiasts, but none can argue the handgun was not effective here. The gun was chambered in .40 S&W. Knowing that, it is easy to see why he dropped so quickly. No one is going to be able to withstand three heavy rounds like that at point blank range and live. This robber did not.

Another lesson here is to always be aware of what is going on around you. This guy was daring enough to try this robbery in broad daylight with dozens of other people around. One just never knows when someone is going to try something stupid. The other women were fortunate the officer was there to end a very dangerous situation so quickly.

*story by Wide Open Spaces