Tucker Carlson: Who are the criminals destroying your country?

A couple of nights ago, we talked to a man from St. Louis called Mark McCloskey. Last weekend, McCloskey and his wife sat down for dinner in the backyard of their home. Suddenly, a mob of screaming BLM fanatics — hundreds of them — burst through the gate and threatened to murder the McCloskey’s and then kill their dog.

Here’s part of what Mark McCloskey told us.

MARK MCCLOSKEY: I see all these people outside the gate. Then the gate bursts open. People start coming in, and then a flood of people started coming in. They’re angry, they’re screaming. They’ve got spittle coming out of their mouths. They’re coming towards our house. Out there with my wife, and I said, oh my God, we’re absolutely alone. There’s nobody here to protect us but us. That was the same night retired police captain David Dorn was murdered. I was literally afraid that within seconds they would surmount the wall, come into the house, kill us, burn the house down and everything that I’d worked for and struggled for the last 32 years.

But the story didn’t end there, unfortunately, we’re here to tell you tonight. After appearing on this show, Mark McCloskey and his wife were bombarded with death threats. Many of them credible.

Thursday, they learned of another coordinated attack on them that is planned for this weekend. They immediately called police. The dispatcher put them on hold and then finally transfer them to an officer. The officer didn’t seem to be listening to anything the McCloskey’s said. “We’ll call you back,” police said, and they never did.

Desperate, the McCloskey’s then called a number of different private security firms, but not one of them would take the job of protecting them. The owner of the last company McClosky spoke to advised them to flee immediately.

Quote, “The only advice I can give you is abandon the house. Run. Let the mob have its way, let it burn.”

But the McCloskey’s are not running. They have spent 32 years rebuilding their home, and they plan to defend themselves. They have no choice. They are completely alone. No one will come to their aid.

Their governor, Mike Parson, is a Republican. He’s also a former sheriff. Parson could fix their problem immediately. Parson could send state troopers to St. Louis tonight to protect the McCloskey’s. But he hasn’t done that.

Parson hasn’t even picked up the phone to speak to them. He doesn’t care, obviously. Nobody cares.

About an hour ago, Mark McCloskey called us to tell us all of this. He was panicked, understandably. His wife sobbed in the background as we spoke.

American citizens trapped in their home by a violent mob, knowing that something awful could happen to them very soon. Totally undefended. This is your country.

The mob is winning if things like this happen. So who is the mob exactly? They’re not protesters. They’re not civil rights activists. They are violent criminals.

They are being used as a militia by the Democratic Party to seize power. That’s the truth.

But even that description is too imprecise. Most of these are Americans. They have faces. They have names. So who are they?

No one in the media ever tells you. They don’t want to talk about it. But tonight, we’re going to.

Thanks to delayed but very welcome efforts by federal law enforcement, at least 128 people have now been charged for riot-related offenses. Many of them have been charged at the state level. We’re going to bring you tonight pictures of a few of them.

Authorities arrested 24-year-old Devin Montgomery on Tuesday on federal arson charges. Montgomery is accused of opening the door of an unmarked police car during a riot in Pittsburgh and then torching the car. Montgomery was not an outside agitator. He’s from Pittsburgh.

33-year-old Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal is accused of burning a cop car in Philadelphia where she lives. Federal investigators tracked her down thanks to her tattoos and her t-shirt. The shirt reads: Keep the immigrants, deport the racists. Blumenthal works as a massage therapist. She is, not surprisingly, the daughter of a former department chairman at LaSalle University.

Stephan Cannon, 24 years old, is charged with the murder of retired St. Louis police officer David Dorn. He was shot to death while protecting a friend’s pawn shop. What exactly was Dorn killed for? Apparently, a television. Police found that television at Cannon’s home as they arrested him.

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman are both attorneys in New York City. Both went to prestigious law schools. Mattis graduated from Princeton undergraduate and NYU Law. Rahman went to Fordham Law. Both are charged with tossing a Molotov cocktail at a marked NYPD squad car. In an interview taped in Brooklyn, Rahman declared that violence was the only way forward. Quote, “The only way they hear us is through violence — through the means that they use. We’ve got to use the master’s tools. That’s what my friend always says.”

When asked about police officers who’d been hurt in this violence, Rahman blamed the mayor for not pulling police back and letting the mob rampage as they did in Minneapolis.

Speaking of Minneapolis, 25-year-old Montez Terrill Lee of Rochester, Minnesota, is accused of burning down a pawn shop there during the riots. He was identified thanks to a video received anonymously at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. In that video, Lee says of the pawn shop, quote, “F this place. We’re going to burn this f-er down.” Authorities say Lee’s arson of the pawn shop was methodical. He poured flammable material throughout the entire store before torching it.

Jessica White is also being charged for arson in the Twin Cities. She allegedly helped burn down an AutoZone in St. Paul. Because everything this year is irony, White’s Facebook page says she studied, quote, “violence prevention” at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul.

Branden Wolfe, 23, has been charged with participating in the destruction of the 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis. Wolfe was arrested while trying to enter a home improvement store where he had worked previously as, irony again, a security guard. Wolfe was wearing body armor and carrying a police baton. Both were allegedly stolen from the police precinct. In his apartment, police found a stolen pistol magazine and a drug overdose treatment kit. Wolfe was homeschooled by his mother in Pensacola, Fla. His father told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that his son, quote, “has grandiose ideas — a lot of them — and zero common sense.” His father added, quote, “I’m still proud of him. Whether he burned down the police station or not, he didn’t hurt anyone, did he?” End quote.

Jesse Taggart of Salt Lake City was participating in a BLM protest in Provo when a white SUV tried to pass through the area. A crowd swarmed around the car and, according to police, without provocation Taggart drew a gun and fired twice into the car, nearly killing the driver. Taggart then hid his gun and went back to protesting as though nothing had happened. It appears Taggart went on Facebook afterward to defame the driver as a quote, “Nazi or white supremacist who ran over protesters.” Hours later, he posted quote, “#America2020. No respect for other human beings blows my mind. We will overcome this together!” Police have charged Taggart with attempted murder.

And then there are the people who have been targeting our public art, our shared history, our heritage, our country itself. At the start of the week, federal authorities charged four people with participating in the attempt to destroy a statue of President Andrew Jackson. That was in Lafayette Square directly opposite the White House. Those charged: Lee Michael Cantrell, Connor Matthew Judd, Ryan Lane and Graham Lloyd. Three were from the Washington area, while Lloyd was visiting from the state of Maine.

Earlier today, federal agents arrested Jason Charter in Washington, D.C. They say he is the ringleader in the effort to topple the statue of Andrew Jackson. Charter apparently is affiliated within Antifa. He’s been caught on camera menacing a reporter at a protest. Police say he also helped topple the statue of Albert Pike in Washington two weeks ago and then set that statue on fire as it lay broken on the ground. Jason Charter’s LinkedIn says he studied computer science at George Washington University. Tuition there, by the way, one of the highest in the country. More than $55,000.

Another angry, rich kid. There are so many of them. Still far more than five people were involved in the attacks on those statues in Washington. Hundreds more have attacked monuments and destroyed public property around the country.

*story by Fox News