Florida woman called 911 after her refrigerator broke; cops bring new one

Is your refrigerator running?

While people typically call 911 for crimes, one woman used it for a different type of emergency. When her refrigerator broke and she didn’t have the money to fix it, she called the cops to see if they could help.

It turns out, they could.

Cheryl Nanartonis, from Jensen Beach, Fla., called 911 to ask for help with her fridge, The Orlando Sentinel reports. When officers arrived, they informed her that 911 is meant for emergencies only. Fortunately for her, they also decided to see what they could do to help her.


The Martin County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook, writing, “Cheryl Nanartonis believed she was in crisis, her refrigerator broke down and her food was going to spoil. She said her resources were limited and she didn’t have the funds to buy a replacement. So Cheryl called 911. Although 911 is reserved for emergencies only, deputies were dispatched to Cheryl’s Jensen Beach home. They explained to Cheryl the importance of reserving 911 for emergencies only. But that’s not all.”

The post continues, “Realizing how upset Cheryl was, they knew they couldn’t clear the call without taking action. So Deputy Marcum, Deputy Elliot and Sgt. Flynn made arrangements with the Jensen Beach Goodwill to donate a gently used refrigerator to Cheryl. The deputies even had it delivered, and Cheryl was back on track.”

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office concluded the post by thanking Sam Fincher and Peggy Brewer at the local goodwill for helping them solve Nanartonis’ problem.

*story by Fox News